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I am now settled in my new telehealth office in Florida! I am excited to welcome Florida clients, along with continuing to serve those who live in Virginia and beyond. Have you ever moved out of state? This is an exciting, yet stressful process. I sometimes feel like an alien in a new place. I notice that I often...

I wanted to share some exciting news! I will be moving to Florida this June. My family and I have decided to move to Florida to simplify our life....less traffic, sunny skies and more flexible work and school schedules. Change is always hard, but I am confident that God has been guiding our steps.

I am pleased to offer 20% off of your first appointment (a $30 value) for the remainder of 2018! The holiday season can be difficult, especially if you have lost a loved one or are experiencing loneliness. Give me a call or email me so that I can support you during the holidays. A phone consultation is free and online counseling is convenient!...

Are you stressed out?

If you live in Northern Virginia and say "no", I would be surprised.  "Untangled" is a Bible study I took at church two years ago. It was wonderful to be able to be honest about struggles with anxiety, depression, stress and other common struggles, without feeling judged or guilty!  We are not alone in our stress.

I still refer back to this book.  The most impactful part of the study for me was realizing that I was doing WAY TOO MUCH!  My activities and commitments were not bad things.  In fact, many involved serving God and others.  Still, through the group and workbook, I discovered it is actually okay, and even necessary, to have some free time in your schedule.  It was also acceptable to do things that go along with my personal gifts, and dare I say, to enjoy serving!

There are many useful tools and worksheets in the "Untangled" study, but the one entitled, "Untangling from Stress Tool" was most helpful to me.  I often go back to it.  I was able to let go of some major things in my life that were causing stress, including one of my part time jobs....yes, I had more than one job.  I also had two kids, was volunteering at church in various capacities, attending various groups and it goes on and on.  

Are you "stressed out"?  I highly recommend attending this online version of "Untangled"!  The details and link are below... 

Here is a link to the online class:

If you sign up by Tuesday, November 13, 2018 with code: EARLYBIRD you will receive an additional $10 off our already discounted "Beta Version" price.