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Getting settled in the Sunshine State


I am now settled in my new telehealth office in Florida!  I am excited to welcome Florida clients, along with continuing to serve those who live in Virginia and beyond.  Have you ever moved out of state?  This is an exciting, yet stressful process.  I sometimes feel like an alien in a new place.  I notice that I often feel anxious for no apparent reason, then I remember, I just moved!  

This part of my life journey has reminded me to use some of the techniques I often recommend to my clients.  I am grateful to see that they work to help manage my own stress!  I learned the other day that just the act of writing uses both the creative and executive functions in your brain and alters your emotional state.  I was glad to come upon more proof that journaling and drawing art to deal with anxiety, depression and other challenges work wonders.  Apparently, pen to paper makes a difference over typing, so get out the old fashioned notebook, pens, pencils, etc.  Also, talking to yourself is okay, as long as you are kind.  Instead of saying, "I am so anxious", or "There is so much to do!", try..... "You can do this.  Just set a timer, I bet you can finish in 30 minutes."  Give some of these techniques a try!  Let me know if they help you.