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I am moving to Florida...


I wanted to share some exciting news!  I will be moving to Florida this June.  My family and I have decided to move to Florida to simplify our life....less traffic, sunny skies and more flexible work and school schedules. Change is always hard, but I am confident that God has been guiding our steps.  

What does this change mean for the counseling practice?  I am converting all services to telehealth, so all counseling will be done online.  For Virginia telehealth clients, video counseling will continue as it has, with only a short break in the beginning of July.  For those meeting with me in person, I am offering continued counseling via telehealth.   I plan to keep both my Virginia Social Work license and business active.  The practice will also expand to Florida clientele once my Florida licensure is active.  This is currently in process.  

I am hoping to add in an online support group starting next Fall, so stay tuned.  Feel free to message me with your ideas on what kind of group would support you.  Another goal I have is to have a more active blog site.  For right now, things are a bit busy, but I am accepting new telehealth clients.  I look forward to serving you all in both states!